We deliver highly personalized premium, private or group gay tours, in Greece and Turkey for a demanding gay traveller. 
You get the best of locals' lifestyle, while enjoying all the fun and excitements at your own pace.
The goal of our team is to make your stay to each gay destination of ours an experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life.
Your gay trip should be an escape from your daily routine, it should be a chance to come close to other gay cultures and people and of course should only include activities that best express your unique pride gay personality.
We tailor made our itineraries to the preferences of each of you, providing a wide range of tours and activities such as:
  • Culture and sightseeing
  • Gay night-life and entertainment
  • Food and beverage degustation tours and experiences
  • Themed parties
  • Art, exhibitions and various local/traditional/cultural shows
  • Adventure and sports
  • Serenity escapes
  • Wellbeing and wellness tours
  • Nature escapes
  • “Come close with the local culture” tours
  • Secret Itineraries
  • Bachelor escapes
  • Single’s escapes
  • Romantic escapes for couples, and much more...
Our gay travel consultants have prepared a questionnaire which will help us to know you better and create your gay traveller’s profile. Furthermore, a brief personal and entertaining interview may follow, which will not only cheer you up, but will give us the extra info we need to complete your gay traveller’s profile and then we start creating the bespoke itinerary you are looking for.

Active, easy going or luxury traveller, whatever your profile is, we take it in consideration together with other extra important information such as the season period, the available days, the forecast during your stay, your relationship status, your actual age (not the one your ID states) and of course your answer to the No 1 question “what do you expect from this gay trip?”.
Afterwards, we create not only your highly personalized itinerary tour, but we match it with a member from our experienced gay professionals team, which best fits to your profile, as your personal gay tour guide.
For more useful info you can visit also our F.A.Q page, otherwise choose one or more of our gay destinations, pack your luggage, wear your handsome smile and we are ready for “taking off".


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We are committed in providing high quality gay travel tour services, not only as proud members of IGLTA, but also as proud and active members of the LGTB+ community. Our vision is always to honour, through our philosophy, our services and the way we operate this membership, as well as the community we belong to.


We are a team of expert, multilingual, handsome (as they say), pride gay men. Experienced travellers ourselves, we have done countless gay trips to many gay destinations. Full of energy we seize our days with you, we love to make you happy through our tours and show you all the treasures of our selected gay destinations.


When we escape together, our No 1 destination is only “you”.


We align ourselves with your mood, your energy and your desires and we provide a unique experience that guarantees you the quintessence of gay travelling.

Our well planned and highly personalized gay tours will not miss the necessary improvisation that you, and each moment of yours, may demand. During your gay tour our guide becomes your gay travel genie that makes your gay trip wishes come true