Let a golden civilization enchant you with its myths and countless stories…


The majestic remnants of a golden civilization invite you to live through them the golden times that inspired so many stories and myths about the power, the adventures, the battles and the loves of handsome and strong Greek men. Truly one of the best and most important archaeological sites in Greece, while it can be combined with other destinations for a complete premium gay tour experience.


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Old Greece is best known for its ancient period, the glorious days when the Acropolis in Athens was built, but other advanced cultures existed in Greece long before that time. The Mycenaean civilization, which lasted from about 1600 to 1100 BC, was strongly represented in Argolis and was Greece's main hub at the time. Its skilled warriors defeated the Minoans, the civilization that existed prior to the Mycenaean,   whereas its rich aristocracy built palaces and temples. Mykines was the main city in this era, which also explains the name of the era. A half an hour drive north of Nafplio, you can still admire the impressive remains of this great, once mighty, city.

Mycenae, situated in the north eastern part of Peloponnese, is also famous for its association with Homer's Iliad. In Iliad, the Greeks were led by the king of Mycenae, Agamemnon. Its acropolis was surrounded by massive "cyclopean walls" which, according to the legend, had been built by the Cyclopes, one-eyed giants who appear in many stories from Greek mythology. A palace was built on the summit of the hill. The main gate or "Lion Gate" is a major symbol of this archaeological site, together with the legendary tholos tombs (the most famous of which is called the “Agamemnon’s tomb”).

Mycenae is located just 30 minutes by car from the city of Nafplio on your way from Korinthos, which is only an hour by car. It can be visited also as a daily trip from Athens, as it takes just an hour and a half by car. It is by far the best destination if you want to explore the Mycenaean civilization. The best Mycenaean Escape!