The one hour escape…


Choose Korinthos for a really quick escape from Athens or as a part of a complete premium gay tour to the jewels of the Peloponnesus Peninsula. Beside the famous canal, it offers some really archaeological important sights, beautiful stories and a magnificent sunset.


  • Anytime of the year

Top Features:

  • Sightseeing
  • City-break
  • Nature
  • Sunset
  • History, art & culture

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Korinthos is famous for Isthmus, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnesus Peninsula to the mainland of Greece (6.3 km length), but also for its archaeological site of Ancient Korinthos. Ancient Corinth was the most significant commercial destination in the Greek territory. The excavations brought to light the imposing Temple of Apollo, Agora, Temple of Octavia, the shops of Lechaion road, Apostle Paul’s Podium, the theater and Odeon.

Korinthos is an easy half-day escape from Athens, as it takes just an hour by car. But it is also an interesting visit on our way to any place at the Peloponnesus. We highly recommend visiting Korinthos during the afternoon, so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset seen from the Temple of Apollo. The Isthmus Escape!