The theatre, the drama, the comedy, the sounds, the healing of soul …


UNESCO’s world heritage site and a living miracle due to the acoustics of its famous ancient theatre. Let this destination be part of a complete premium gay tour during your gay trip on the Peloponnese peninsula. Besides sightseeing combined with myths and countless stories, there is always the option for a tasteful break in the local taverns or swimming in any of the nearby marvellous beaches.


  • Anytime of the year

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  • Sightseeing
  • City-break
  • History, art & culture
  • Beaches
  • Nature
  • Cuisine

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Located on the north eastern side of Peloponnese and only two hours drive from Athens, Epidavros is among the most important ancient sites of Greece and UNESCO world heritage site. It owes its prosperity in the ancient times to the Asklepieion, the healing center where patients would come to be healed by the god Apollo. As Epidaurus was reputed to be the birth place of Asklepius the healer, the son of Apollo, its sanctuary and healing center was very popular in the antiquity.

People would go there from all over Greece and Asia Minor to be cured with the god’s help. To thank the god for offering his advice, athletic games and other festivities would be organized every four years to his honor. This is why a stadium has been found next to the Asklepieion, where athletic competitions would take place in honor of god Apollo and his son, Asklepius. Also, this is why the famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus was constructed, so that performances and ceremonies would take place there as part of the festivities for the gods.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, that amazes visitors with its symmetry and beauty, has a capacity to host 15,000 spectators. This theatre is famous for its exceptional acoustics that permits even the spectators in the last row to listen to what actors are saying on the scene. It’s now used for performances of Ancient Greek drama during the annual summer Festival of Epidavros.

It is a must escape for theatre lovers in summer, followed by a memorable evening in the city of Nafplio. In winter, you can also enjoy the beautiful Peloponnese landscape and visit the best Greek Theater in the world. It can be combined with other archaeological sites of the Peloponnese as it takes just an hour from the archaeological site of Korinthos and half an hour from Mycenae.