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You have found the love of your life and now you are planning your next gay escape from your reality and your daily work routine. A gay trip is the best way to refresh each of you as individuals but also as a gay couple. So which are the steps for an ideal gay couples trip?

1. Discuss with your partner about the trip

Unless you are planning to surprise him with a trip as a present, we suggest to discuss with your partner a little bit about your gay trip and especially the reason why you are doing it. Is it just an escape from your daily routine?, is it your gay couple vacations after a long time?, is it a chance to come closer to each other and strengthen your relationship?, is it a chance to meet other gay couple and make more friends? These questions are a good starting point for an ideal gay trip.


2. Agree on a budget and dates

Luxury trip or backpacking, for a long weekend or for a week, dates and budget will help you to imagine the next steps of your trip. Other elements such as accommodation, attractions, visits... should be a common decision based on your personal preferences. For example, if you are a type of traveler who after 4 days away you start feeling homesick and your partner wants a more long escape, you should find your way somewhere in the middle.

3. Choose your gay destination

As previously mentioned, the ideal gay destination should satisfy both of you, otherwise, if you have different destinations on your bucket list you could find a solution somewhere in the middle. For example you could decide that this trip will be on your partner’s choice and the next one yours. It would be very excited to discover and enjoy new experiences in destinations you never wanted to visit or there were not in your list… after all you will share these experiences with your partner. To get some inspirations, you can visit our selected gay destinations list.

4. Adapt to the destination’s gay culture

Normally a gay couple should not have to worry for being carefree and express their love and affection to each other, but unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. You should be aware that the way of life from one place to another one differs considerably and it is not always about discrimination, but different rules of “savoir vivre” and cultural aspects such as religion, country, mentality and many more. Besides gathering information about the gay hot spots or gay activities, take some time also to learn more about how open you can be on your selected destination. See this as an opportunity to know a different culture, but also as a challenge to learn how to adapt yourself together with your partner to any situation and work as a team, this will help also to your relationship.

As a general “Tours in Pride” advise: “Be a couple, be in love, but be conscious of those around

5. Schedule a little bit but do not overdo it

A little bit of scheduling is a must and necessary, just to avoid any surprises with your partner. So have a mere common image, about the type of the travel, the activities you want to do, perhaps attractions which are available and you would like to visit. Also it is not bad to have some small time separately. For example, after a long day of sightseeing if your partner wants to take a nap and you don’t, it is not bad to do something on your own, like going for shopping or doing some sports. Travelling always include a little bit of “unexpected”, it’s part of the magic, so loosen up and let things flow.

6. Consider booking a gay tour service

Α latest trend for gay couples when travelling is to use travel agencies that specialize in premium and bespoke gay tours in order to save a lot of scheduling for activities like where would be nice to go to eat or which sights should they visit. Thus, you get the maximum of your travel and enjoy quality time with your partner, while you enjoy itineraries tailor made to your personalities for your ideal gay trip. This type of services, will also help you a lot in destinations where gay life it is still on the closet, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to live the experience of knowing a new exciting place with a different and interesting culture.

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