Gay holidays in Greece
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Greece is, without a doubt, one of the biggest trends in global gay travel. Yet, do you know why? We give you the top 9 reasons why your next gay holidays have to happen in Greece!

  1. A variety of gay destinations

Mykonos Island is one of the most famous top gay destinations in the world, but this small country is really a hidden treasure for gay travelling. You will be amazed by the number of gay destinations Greece has to offer, while each one of them stands out for its unique character and its natural beauty. Athens (the capital) or Thessaloniki (the second largest city of Greece) and a huge list of islands, like Skiathos, Corfu, Creta or Zakynthos, along with destinations where the culture, the history and the myths blend with the scenery of the vivid coloured Greek nature, like Delphi, Meteora or Epidaurus, are only some of the destinations that can become the scenery of your gay holidays. Much more secret destinations and itineraries, ready to be discovered, will make your gay travel an unforgettable experience. Choose one or more and let the myth begin.

  1. Perfect weather

This country it’s blessed from the god of sun, Apollon. Even in winter time there are days where you can still match your favourite T-shirt or the tank that underlines your well worked muscles or this handsome smile of yours, without worrying for a sudden rain that will mess with you sexy outfit. The hot summers and the mild Mediterranean winters make this country an all year long top gay destination. Leave everyone speechless with your sun tanning, plus with no heavy clothes needed, you have more space in your luggage for shopping.

  1. Affordable luxury

And since we mentioned shopping, Greece is the ideal destination for this ’sport’. Lose yourself in the narrow streets of any picturesque island or in the oldest neighbourhood of Athens, Plaka, under the shadow of Acropolis for original gifts. We suggest you to leave malls aside and shop from stores as Greeks do, due to the warm weather and benefit of the prices and some sexy looks from the handsome salesmen.  Any brand you desire and even more are there for you. Beauty and wellbeing services (spa’s, gymsetc...) are really a bargain, considering the high level of service that provide. Beside cosmopolitan spots like Mykonos, choose from a variety of affordable luxury gay destinations. Sea it’s always close wherever you are in Greece. Enjoy your coffee or a traditional meal, let the sea breeze caress your cheeks gently and don’t worry about paying a fortune, in Greece this is an everyday luxury.

  1. Delicious cuisine

Speaking of food, Greek cuisine offers a high level of traditional gastronomy. The only problem that you have to deal with is what to choose from the menu, because, believe me, you’ll want to taste everything. Thank the Greek Gods, that in every tavern and restaurant the handsome waiters will really enjoy to explain you all these funny named plates and recommend you options that will make you come back to Greece for a plate of Mousaka, Gemista or one of the thousands pita options that best fit your taste. Meat lover or vegetarian, high protein or vegan, there is no way you will not be amazed from the variety of flavours Greek cuisine has to offer. Greek wines are exquisite, while a vast number of them are included in the lists of the most famous sommeliers and count numerous awards. Greek cuisine also is famous for its sea food, which is combined lovely with “ouzo”, give it a try and let it put a smile on your face. Don’t forget to try Greek coffee and of course traditional Greek pastries. Due to the warm climate fruits, vegetables and every material have an intense taste and a unique character, just like Greek men.

  1. Handsome locals and Greek hospitality

Speaking of men, Greece has the most handsome and stylish men Europe has to offer. Men for every taste, dark or blond, daddies, bears, twinks, muscled, sophisticated, business men or rugged are ready to be discovered by you. Men usually are open about their sexuality, but even in cases of men “on the closet”, they tend to be more “open” with tourists and they are really experts using all the gay apps such as grindr. Greece is a country which is famous for its hospitality from the ancient years and kept this characteristic until now. The majority of people speak English very well, while many of them speak also other European languages. Ask for directions and they would be happy to help you. A couple of days and you will feel home away from home. Learn some words in greek like “Efcharisto” (you are welcome), “parakalo” (please) or “kalimera” (good morning) and start a conversation with the Greek god he is staring at you all night at the club.

       6. Gay night life

The nights in Greece are long… Weekdays after work you will find Greeks enjoying their coffee slowly and chatting loudly or even hang out for early drinks. Fridays and Saturdays start with some drinks on a bar and stay up until early morning. Greece’s nightlife is intense and has so many options for entertainment. Clubs, bars, various music stages, drag shows and more. Big cities and famous islands have strictly gay areas, but generally the nights in Greece are gay friendly. Handsome mixologists, barmen and DJ’s will make you night smashing fabulous… grab a guy and start dancing. And for something more original don’t forget to pay a visit to the well-known “Bouzoukia”.

  1. Heaven beaches

Lie down on comfortable sunbed with a delicious cold coffee (freddo or frapé) having your feet on the soft sand and enjoying the crystal clear blue water. And then straight ahead to the beach bar, mingling, dancing and flirting with half naked handsome men. Heaven beaches, not only on all Greek islands, but also in the mainland will leave you speechless and half or completely naked. The party never ends.

  1. Art and Culture

Gay men we tend to enjoy, love and understand art and culture more easily. A vast number of archaeological sites located in breath-taking sceneries, countless museums, galleries, theatres and art events will travel you from the ancient classic to the contemporary Greek artistic expression.

        9. You

You are the 9th reason. A unique personality like you, a gay man full of pride, ready to escape and seize the day, this paragraph is dedicated to you. Wherever you are you ought it to yourself, live your life at maximum and fill this paragraph as you want. Put your own rainbow colours to your life and let your gay trip in Greece begin.

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