Gay couples trip

You have found the love of your life and now you are planning your next gay escape from your reality and your daily work routine. A gay trip is the best way to refresh each of you as individuals but also as a gay couple. So which are the steps for an ideal gay couples trip?

Gay holidays in Greece

Greece is, without a doubt, one of the biggest trends in global gay travel. Yet, do you know why? We give you the top 9 reasons why your next gay holidays have to happen in Greece!

Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun!

Which means Happy New Year in Turkish! Our first 2019 gift to you, our new Tours in Pride destination: I S T A N B U L

The Holy Mountain

Tours in Pride has recently returned from one of the Greece’s most mystic places, the Holy Mountain of Agion Oros. Agion Oros or Mount Athos is one of our favourite spots in Greece; and in the world. Its mysticism, spirituality, history and splendid nature make it one of the most interesting places in the country. The fact that it is not very well known, at least to the western world, adds a touch of curiosity.

Gay holidays in Turkey

For a memorable and fun filled gay vacation in Turkey, Istanbul is the best and most preferred gay travel destination. It holds much of the countries historical and cultural features ranging from museums, legendary artifacts, as well the Ottoman Empire heritage. Once you hit Istanbul, it’s all free tea and the beautiful chaos that makes the city so enchanting. For the visitor, a paradise”. To be realistic, the current political situation does not make Turkey “as ‘free’ a place (for activists, journalists, academics, free-thinking folks) as it was a few years ago, but without any doubt, it is probably more safe.

Gay singles trip

OK, so you are traveling solo and ready to mingle – maybe a gay holiday for singles is exactly what you need? Far away from the tedium of work, the responsibilities of daily life and more than likely all those familiar faces on Grindr back home (or even worse …your ex!).

Happy New Year 2019

The year has finally come to an end and for “Tours in Pride” it was a very special one.

Rome Vs Greece

We have discussed homosexuality in Ancient Greece in a previous entry in our blog; we thought though it would be interesting to take a look on how things evolved during the Roman Empire years, a society also open to sexual and love relationships between people of the same sex. 

Gay Travelling: Latest Trends

Tours in Pride” team, always eager staying up to date with the latest trends in gay travelling, visited the International Tourism Trade Fair FITUR 2019, a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair worldwide, which took place in Madrid from the 23rd to 27th of January.

Epiphany in Greece

Epiphany or Theophany, which is closer to the Greek word literally meaning “Divine manifestation” is one of the most sacred Greek Orthodox celebrations, rich in Christian traditions that also date back to ancient times. Theophania or Fota, is celebrated on January 6 and it is a day of joy and brightness, as the Eastern Christian church celebrates the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. It is considered as the first revelation of Christ to the world as the Son of God.

Christmas in Greece

Greece may not be a typical Christmas destination, but that is all the more reason why you can have an amazing time visiting for your holiday vacation with Tours In Pride. Even though it is considered second to Easter in terms of religious importance, Greece has some very old traditions when it comes to Christmas and then of course as every other European capital city it also enjoys a very glamorous celebration side of it with lavish parties and celebrations throughout the holiday season. And then, there is the more traditional side of things. 


The Athenian winter nightlife season is officially open, and we had the chance to have our first Tours in Pride “Bouzoukia” party. All the wiser now, let us introduce them to you.